William J. Lang Land Clearing, Inc.

has been in the site clearing business since 1972. A large part of our success has been due to our commitment to having the right equipment to get the job done. Nowhere is this commitment more evident than in the development of the LTC Stump Grinder and the LTC Tree &. Brush Mulcher. These attachments are hydraulically driven and mounted on our hydraulic excavators. In 1993, Lang Tool Co. was formed to manufacture and market the equipment. We have sold these machines throughout the United States & Canada.

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Land Land Clearing

Wm. J. Lang Land Clearing, Inc.
was founded in 1972 and over the past 35 years has completed major projects throughout Michigan & Northern Indiana.

Kent County Airport, GR, MI - 370 Acres
Centex Homes, Forest Ridge, MI - 40 Acres
Levy Aggregates, Romeo Plant, MI - 45 Acres
M-5, Novi, MI - 120 Acres
Mozart Homes, Provincial Glades, MI - 50 Acres
Lautrec, Willow Ridge, MI - 70 Acres
SR-20 Bypass, South Bend, IN
Detroit Metro Airport, Romulus, MI
Lautrec, Carrington Village, MI - 75 Acres

Lang Land Clearing Lang Land Clearing